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Time Stands Still Meditation

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac

If there is ever a moment when time could stand still, it’s on an August afternoon. The wind doesn’t stir and the streams are silent as they dream of May. In the late afternoon the cicadas sing lazily in the August heat.

August afternoons are a perfect time to scry and meditate. You’ll need a smooth rock that appeals to you. You’ll also need a calm body of water. This could be a lake, pond, or birdbath. A bowl of water may also be used; however, try to perform the meditation outside.

Hold your rock and sit before the body of water. Ground and center. When ready, drop your rock into the water. Watch the ripples move in outward circles, like time itself. Do you see any images? Just let them come. Don’t try to figure them out. The answers will come to you later. Relax and return to your everyday state of mind.

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