Charge Your Batteries

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sage

The last weekend of August is a great time to get outside. Can you take the day to go to a lake, river, stream, or ocean? Or visit a forest, mountain, or park? With recent attention to what is called nature deficit disorder, there is more and more research documenting the positive effects of nature on the human psyche and body.

While many of us live in cities, we can still find parkland, ravines, and cemeteries with large swatches of nature, wilderness, and greenery for us to connect to the sacred elements.

Take your lunch, a blanket, and a book. Lie down on the ground. (Earth.)

Breathe deeply.(Air.)

Feel the sun on your face or arms. (Fire.)

Wade, swim, or dip. (Water.)

Throughout the day, monitor the shift in your personal energy. Observe the positive effects of nature as it raises your vibration and charges your batteries. (Spirit.)

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