Altar Renewal Spell

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Juniper

As summer wanes, our altars need renewal. Remove everything from your altar. Sort things into sacred tools and objects, supplies (like sage, sweetgrass, or salt), and seasonal objects and symbols.

Wipe down smooth surfaces, saying:

May the grace of the Goddess
cleanse this altar.

Place a fresh cloth upon your altar. Say:

May the beauty of the
Goddess bless this altar.

Place fresh candles in fireproof containers on the altar. Say:

May the spirit of the Goddess
shine in all I do.

Carefully place your magical tools. Say:

May the sacred strength of the
Goddess live in all these tools.

Create a container for all your supplies. Say:

May the magic of the Goddess
be in these elements.

House seasonal items separately, and take them out as needed. Whenever you work magic after this, light the candles, recall the renewal spell, and invoke:

The grace, beauty, spirit, strength, and
magic of the Goddess all live here.

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