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Prayers for Prosperity

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Geranium

The law of attraction holds that what we give thanks for is magnetized to us, and what we focus on grows. Today, let us give thanks for money and grow our prosperity. Each time you reach into your wallet, say:

Thank you for all the money I have.

When you pay for something, say:

I am grateful for all the
resources I enjoy.

When someone gives you change, say:

I am thankful for all the money
that has been given to me.

If you find money or a treasure or stone, say:

I welcome all the abundance
that flows to me.

Whatever the transaction is, let your prayers for prosperity be heard. Speak them out loud so others hear your gratitude. Build the magnetic resonance of gratitude, and let it grow strong. Know that by giving thanks and saying prayers for prosperity, you will attract more money and prosperity to you.

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