Thank Mother Earth Ritual

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg

The Thanksgiving celebration centers around food, so it seems only right to honor Mother Earth on this holiday. For this ritual of thanks, prepare your menu and set your table as usual. However, be sure to include a dish of corn. Corn is associated with the mother goddess and is one of the most sacred of all foods. You may simply heat up some canned or frozen corn. Place the dish of corn near the head of the table. When everyone is seated, the host/hostess should briefly raise the dish of corn, then say alone or as a group:

Mother Earth, we’ve scarred
you, but you still give.
Your bounty allows us to live.
With caring hearts and working hands,
We thank your soil found in all lands.
Let us honor you in this small way,
As we give thanks on this
Thanksgiving Day.

Reserve a few kernels of corn. Later, scatter the reserved corn outside on the earth.

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