Knot Magic Manifestation

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

To manifest something, use knot magic to focus your intent. Take a three-foot-long piece of string or cord. Close your eyes and envision what you want to bring into reality. As you tie each of nine knots, say the phrase below, and in as much detail as possible, see your desires coming to fruition. When the cord is complete, keep it on your altar so it stays in sight and you continue to draw your desires to you.

By knot of one, my magic has begun.
By knot of two, my words ring true.
By knot of three, things come to me.
By knot of four, I create more.
By knot of five, this energy is alive.
By knot of six, this spell is fixed.
By knot of seven, the answer is given.
By knot of eight, I align with fate.
By knot of nine, this thing is mine.
So be it.

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