Secret-Keeping Mirror

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Basil

Sometimes when we’re keeping a secret, it can feel like others will know just by looking at us. This spell is designed to help keep private information hidden.

Gather these items:
* A small, inexpensive compact mirror that snaps closed (Even an old, empty makeup one is fine.)
* Black paint
* A paintbrush

Make sure you are all alone and no one is around. Look at your reflection in the little mirror. Hold it close to your mouth and whisper the secret aloud. Snap the compact shut.

Paint the entire outside of the compact black, imagining that the paint is muffling and sealing the contents like a cloak of invisibility. When it is dry, hide it somewhere in your room or house where no one will find it. Leave it there until you no longer need to conceal the secret.

Keep the compact for the next time you have secrets to keep. There’s no need to repaint it. Just whisper into the compact and snap it shut.

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