Eastern Star Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

Early in the morning, just before the sun rises, the Eastern Star will appear bright in the clear sky and the Queen of the Faeries will hush the world into its winter slumber. Faery dream magick is like pixie dust in a bottle: it’s only really useful when it’s scattered all about. Leave a trail of allnatural, nonplastic glitter or powdered gemstones across doorways and window ledges to give the Faery Queen a glittering path to enter your home. Leave her sugar cookies and small cups of honeyed milk as a treat, and make your home cozy with extra pillows and blankets so that she will bless the naps and dreams you enjoy this winter. Recite the following prayer.

Prayer to Titania
Swift and pure mist cascades as light.
A silver bell is ringing to
sweeten her delight.
The veil is stretched mithril thin,
glimmers twixt day and night.
This morning I summon
Titania into sight.

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