Protection Cactus

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Pine

Cacti are available in stores all year round. These tough little potted plants can survive the harshest conditions and are covered in prickles and spikes. This makes them excellent for use as protection or defense charms. Take advantage of this full moon to create a protection cactus for your home.

Gather these items:
* 1 teaspoon salt
* A small potted cactus
* Black paint
* A paintbrush

Sprinkle the salt in the shape of a circle onto a surface in front of you. As you do so, say:

Full moon, full protection, full defense.
Imagine that the circle of salt and the
moon in the sky are connected by
lunar rays.

Using the black paint, draw a protective symbol on the pot, such as a pentacle or the shape of a shield. Place the cactus inside the salt circle. Leave it there overnight to absorb the protective powers of the full moon.

Now you have a protection charm disguised as a cute little cactus! Place it in your home to ward off negative energy. Dispose of the salt.

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