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A Spell for Hibernation

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Carnation

Avoid the winter blues by embracing hibernation. For this spell, don comfy clothes and fuzzy slippers. Have dark chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate ready. Set a blue candle in a dish of crushed ice—blue for the winter blues and the subtle blue of ice and snow. Sit before the candle on a comfortable couch or chair, wrap yourself in a blanket (again, fuzzy is good!), and repeat:

As the depths of winter near,
May I sleep deep like the bear.
Curling up in dark embrace,
Nurturing soul with calm and grace.

Meditate for a moment on the quiet benefits of winter’s cold depths. Imagine yourself slowing down and feeling the patient rhythm of the season. Munch the chocolate or sip the cocoa, feeling it sustain you. Blow out the candle and place it on your altar. Each morning, light the candle for a moment and pause, considering how you will embrace winter’s rhythms that day. Blow out the candle and carry on.

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