Spiritual Technology Sweep

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Marigold

In the days of old, we spent a lot of time spiritually cleansing our homes, especially the floors with magickal floor washes. Now we spend so much time at our desks that it’s good to charge them too.

Smudge your work area with a sage smudge stick. Light it and tamp out the flame. Smudge everything, including inside the drawers and underneath the desk and chair, and be careful to smudge the corners.

Wipe down your desk with an organic cleanser featuring lemon or pine, as both are purifying and energizing.

To the east, put an amethyst crystal. It is known to aid in communication and business matters. Amethyst will usher in prosperity and abundance. Ultimately this stone will bring peace, calm, and love to your life, and it will manifest through your workstation.

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