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Mirror Magic for Self-Love

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle

Today the moon is in fabulous, fiery Leo, which helps us extend more love to ourselves. Everyone has lovable features, and this spell brings them out. You’ll need a red or pink candle, a lighter, a piece of rose quartz, a small bowl of water, five rose petals, and a mirror set up on your altar.

Light the candle. Place the rose quartz in the bowl of water and sprinkle the rose petals over the water. Gaze into the mirror at the flame as you stir the water clockwise nine times with increasing intensity. Say:

Like the fire burning bright,
My features bring sublime delight.

Anoint yourself with your wet finger and say:

I love _______ (feature).

Name at least nine of your features. Gaze into the mirror and see how truly beautiful they are, like the bright flame. Give thanks. Blow out the candle and pour the water in a potted plant or outdoors. Keep the rose quartz on your altar.

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