New Candle Blessing for Imbolc

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

As a festival of the returning light, Imbolc is the perfect time of year to replace any dying candles on your altar or in your ritual space. Start your ritual/magickal work as usual, including lighting the old candles that you will be replacing. Ritually cleanse your new candles with salted water or by running them through a purifying incense.

Now light one of your new candles with the flame from an old candle. As you do so, say:

I transfer this sacred Witch’s flame to
its new home. Long may its light shine!

By transferring your old candle’s light to your new one, you are also transferring its energy and history in your ritual space. Once your new candle is lit, blow out the old one and say:

Thank you for your service, and
now your flame will burn anew!

Transfer your new candle to where the old one stood. Repeat for each new candle.

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