Warm Memories

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Patchouli

In winter, fire is a vital source of light and heat. However, it’s not convenient to carry a fire everywhere you go, and not every place is necessarily heated as much as you’d like. This spell captures the memory of heat from a fire to warm you in its absence. You will need a small square of sturdy cotton cloth in any fire color and some string.

Place a small amount of ash from a campfire, woodstove, etc., on the cloth. Concentrate on your memories of warm, cheerful fires. Then say:

Wood is the food of fire.
Ash is the bone of fire.
Warm me with their memories,
For this is my desire.

Repeat the verse with each fold of the cloth. Begin by folding the top third of the cloth toward you, covering the ash. Fold again toward you to the bottom edge. Fold the left third of the roll over the top to the middle. Fold the right third underneath, forming a flat S shape. Bind with string. Carry with you for warmth.

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