Spark Your Inner Light

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

By February, our new-year enthusiasm might begin to wane as resolutions fade and a feeling of routine settles in. This is a great time to rekindle your inner spark, and all you need is a candle in the color of your choice.

Come into a meditative state, allowing each inhale and exhale to lead you to a place of calm. At your solar plexus, midway between the belly and the heart, imagine a golden yellow sun. Feel the energy of this sun spreading outward, filling your entire body and energy field.

Holding the unlit candle, allow this golden energy to pour down your arms and into the candle. Then place the candle on a heatproof surface and light it. Give thanks for the power of light, and feel your renewed sense of purpose and passion burning bright. Allow the candle to burn down safely, or simply snuff it out with thanks.

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