The Goddess Awakens Meditation

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Rue

Snow may still cover the ground in many regions, but the Goddess, the life force of planet Earth, begins to awaken now. Ice begins to melt, buds swell, and early crocus bloom. With this meditation you can honor the Goddess for this miracle. On your altar place the Empress card from your Tarot deck faceup. Beside it set a small dish of soil. Potting soil or garden soil would be fine. Study the card and meditate on it as you crumble the soil with your fingers. Then say:

Goddess, you control nature
and the life force,
You set the seasons upon their course.
With shades of green and
flowers you clothe the earth.
Thank you, Divine Mother,
for this season of rebirth.

Meditate for as long as you like, thinking about how the Goddess awakens quietly beneath the earth. When done, return the card to your deck and scatter the soil outside as an offering to the Goddess.

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