Ostara Collage

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Juniper

We’ve had half a year of dark. N ow we’re yearning for the light, for spring to rain on us, for green shoots to rise to our ankles. We’re listening to hear the little chirpy birds and see the bees and butterflies. This is mid-spring, the season when the Goddess comes back to earth. Everything she brings to us is new.

Instead of building an altar to celebrate Ostara, begin a creative project: a springtime collage of light and darkness. Buy a piece of poster board in your favorite springtime color and cut it in a circle. Look in magazines and catalogs or search online for images that suggest light and darkness, like shadowy meadows or sunlit gardens. Add images of solar and lunar gods and goddesses.

Paste your images on the poster board and add glittery stickers and other decoration. You may find you’ve created a collage that looks like the familiar yin-yang symbol, where there is a seed of darkness in the light half and a seed of light in the dark half. Good for you!

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