A Peony Spell for Protection

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

Peonies are blooming now in many regions. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also excellent at repelling evil forces. For this reason, they are frequently cut and brought into the home.

For this spell you’ll need one to three cut peony stems placed in a vase of water. Set them near an exterior door. Then look at them and say:

Peonies, let the spirits of light stay.
Peonies, let the spirits of darkness be on their way.

Allow the peonies to sit undisturbed until the petals fall. Then gather the petals along with the vase and carry them outside. Compost the petals or toss them on the ground. Do the same with the stems. Then pour the water on the ground, but don’t use it to water another plant. Wash out the vase to use for other purposes. Your home is now spiritually clean.

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