Clear as a Bell

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Lilac

Use this spell to pave the way for clearer communication before conversations, work meetings, presentations, etc. You’ll need two pieces of paper and a bell.

Start by writing the names or a descriptor of the two parties involved, one on each piece of paper. For example, you might write your name on one and “the audience of my presentation tonight” on the other. Set the papers in front of you, a few inches apart, and imagine a channel of clear communication energy flowing between them.

Ring the bell, dissolving any obstructions within this channel as you chant:

Communication, clear and bright,
Fill my words with love and light.
My message is received most true,
Divinely guided through and through!

After your talk, you can safely burn the papers with gratitude or recycle them after making a horizontal karate chop motion over each, intending that the link between paper and person(s) be dissolved with love.

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