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Empowering Sun Tea Spell

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Orchid

Today is National Iced Tea Day, and sun tea is a wonderful way to enjoy it because the sun’s energy is used to brew the tea instead of electricity or gas. The sun nourishes every part of our earth, and sun tea can be drunk for empowerment and positive energy.

This spell uses tea (such as black tea or hibiscus), a clear glass pitcher of water with a lid, sunshine, and a cup of ice. Drop the tea in the pitcher of water, replace the lid, and set it in direct sunlight. Gaze at the light-filled pitcher and say:

Great star, I ask that you
Infuse this water
With your brilliance, empowerment,
And uplifting qualities.

After two to three hours, pour the tea over ice and enjoy the taste of the sun’s bright energy. Sun tea can also be used in your magic in place of water whenever you want to add solar energy to your works.

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