Lessons of the Tiger

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Violet

Today is International Tiger Day. Let’s celebrate and recognize one of the most commanding creatures among us. Tigers have much to teach us, for they are determined, persistent, strategic, stealthy, and deliberate. They may seem relaxed, but when the moment comes, they always have enough energy to take on the tasks necessary for survival.

Tigers smell musky and of the earth. Take on some of this characteristic today by wearing a musk cologne or essential oil such as vetiver, myrrh, patchouli, or ruh khus. Dab cologne or oil on your third eye (the center of your forehead just above your eyebrows). Take a few deep breaths so the oil permeates your senses. Sit in a comfortable position for ten to fifteen minutes.

During this time, do the following:
* Put on some nature sounds music.
* Close your eyes, focusing on your third eye as you visualize a tiger in its natural environment.
* Relax and stay comfortable, breathing deeply to take in the aromatic messages of the oils.
* Go on the magickal journey designed just for you, as you follow the tiger.

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