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Athena Invocation

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Balsam

At hena is a very powerful goddess to invoke for anything. She’s associated with conception, life, and death.

To invoke her you’ll need:
* An intention
* A brand-new solid red outfit or several new red accessories
* Curly hair (curly wand or natural)
* A reusable bag
* An owl or other feathered domino mask
* Some Greek olives
* A halved pomegranate
* 3 shot glasses
* Small containers of olive oil, honey, and river water
* Optional: Kyphi incense (with charcoal, matches, and a fireproof plate or censer)

Put on the red items. Place all the spell ingredients in the bag and take them to an oak tree trunk. Put on the mask. Step away, then spin around three times. (This is one of Athena’s numbers.)

Stand still and shake your head from left and right several times to free the curls’ energies. Spoon some olives and the pomegranate halves onto the earth.

Recite the following as you pour the three liquids in shot glasses:

Athena, please accept these gifts.
I give them in your honor.
This is for you.

Light the incense as you say:

I burn sweet incense for all that you do.

Extend your hands outward as you say:

Help me with my quest.

Bow your head.

Extinguish the incense and place everything back in the bag, then say:

Blessed be!

Sit and reflect quietly on your intent.

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