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Fall Cleaning

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Violet

Everyone thinks about spring cleaning, but few people think about fall cleaning. September is a good time to start switching from summer to fall things. The hottest days of summer are usually over, but the weather hasn’t turned cold yet, so there’s room for transition.

First, put away the summer toys and make sure swimming suits are washed before storage, etc. The lightest clothes such as shorts and tank tops can go, but leave versatile ones like T-shirts and ankle pants available for warm days. If you use seasonal altar cloths, take those down. Clean summer dust from the floors.

Next, bring out fall things. Make sure your clothes fit and are clean. Fall colors include red, yellow, orange, and brown. Clean your altar and reset it for fall. Watch stores for seasonal decorations such as gourds and decorative corn. You can find great altar plates with autumn themes like deer or acorns now.

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