Our Living Earth

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Ylang-Ylang

It’s good to know what we’re standing on where we live. It’s useful to know what ground we’re grounding ourselves in during rituals. Make a simple hands-on survey of your small part of the living earth. Dig up a handful of dirt from your yard. Hold this dirt, this bit of Mother Earth, in your hands. Feel its texture. It’s not the same as potting soil. Is it hard and sticky? Sandy? Poke around in it. Are there little bits of compost in it? Tiny rocks? Insects or worms? (If there are, let them go.)

Place your earth in a green bowl on your altar. Set a green candle in it and light the candle. State your intention:

From today forward, I will honor
our blessed, living Mother Earth and
do whatever I can to protect her.

As the candle burns down safely, consider climate change, recycling, and overwhelming trash. What else comes to mind? Promise to pick up your trash and contribute to organizations that work to protect the planet.

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