Invite Creativity Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lavender

September 14 is National Live Creative Day. If you think you must be an artist, designer, or musician or have some distinct “talent” to be creative, think again. Creativity comes in many forms—we just need to be open to it coming into our lives.

We find creativity when we work to find solutions to problems, when we share what we’re passionate about, and when we let go of fear and take a chance. All you need is you.

To begin this spell, take three slow breaths to connect your body and spirit and say:
Spirits of creativity, I call upon you!

Touch your chest and head and say:
May my heart and mind be inspired.

Touch near your eyes and say:
May my eyes see new possibilities.

Touch your earlobes and say:
May my ears listen to new ideas.

Touch your lips and say:
May my mouth say yes to opportunity.

As you bring your hands together and open them out, say:
May my hands be ready to do the work.
So may it be!

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