Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Basil

It’s harvest time, and our thoughts turn toward bounty. Celebrate your own abundance with this simple ritual.

You’ll need:
* Milk, fruit juice, wine, or beer
* A pitcher or measuring cup
* A 9-by-12-inch piece of construction paper (or a piece from a brown paper bag)
* Cellophane tape
* Salt (any type)
* A cinnamon stick
* Seeds or nuts
* Dried fruit
* Bread or grains

Pour the liquid of your choice into the pitcher or cup. Roll the paper into a cone, tape securely, and fill with the other items, cornucopia-style.

Carry the pitcher and cornucopia to the heart of your garden space. Lift the cornucopia to the sky, saying:

I honor this bounty: gifts of
earth, air, fire, and water; gifts of
soil and sun; gifts of energizing
light and restorative night.

Set the cornucopia on the ground. Take a sip of the liquid, then pour the rest on the ground, saying:

In communion with you, deities
of the harvest, I give thanks
for this season’s bounty, which
will nourish and restore me.

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