A Good, Short Banishing

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Neroli

Shakespeare invented a word that needs to be in wider use today: rudesby. It means exactly what it sounds like: an ill-mannered, uncivil person. Two of his strong female characters use the word. Katherine and Olivia dismiss hangers-on in their houses with “mad-brain rudesby” and “Rudesby, be gone!”

So who’s been hanging around you lately? What pest is driving you berserk? Take or find a photo of the rudesby, set it on your altar, and speak the banishing words:

Rudesby, be gone!

Make the words a meme and post it. Be aware, however, that rudesby people are like ants, fleas, and flies: they don’t pay attention. Human pests can be as bad as insects, but please don’t use poison spray on them. Speak the words as often as necessary at your altar and in person. Visualize the rudesby gone to wherever you want them to go. Speak the words again. Do this as often as necessary. You may, alas, need to be more persistent than the rudesby is.

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