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Payment to Pachamama

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

It’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving Day in Canada—so it’s a complex day. Let’s conjure the venerable mother goddess Pachamama, creatrix of all life and embodiment of the earth. She can be seen as a gorgeous Peruvian woman wearing a red dress and alpaca shawl and carrying a child.

We get everything we enjoy from the natural world from Pachamama. Let’s do a ritual where you pay what you can in thanks for all she does in your life.

Do this ritual in a field. The altar you build at the beginning of the ritual pays homage to all that is indigenous, and it salutes Thanksgiving.

Gather these materials:
* Stones
* A basket (a cornucopia is ideal)
* A variety of whole foods or herbs
* Some pretty doll clothing

* Spirits
* Cacao leaves if possible; if not, then cacao nibs

Build an altar with stones and set the basket on it. Fill the basket with whole foods or herbs. Scatter the doll clothing, and hold the items down with rocks. Mindfully pour your libation. Crumble and let the cacao leaves or nibs hit the air before scattering. Say:

Pachamama, this is my payment
to you for all that you do!

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