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Ocean Jar Spell

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Mulberry

Today, put a few seashells and some blue glass marbles in a Mason jar. Add eight shiny dimes and eight shiny pennies. Add purified water until the jar is one-half to threequarters full. Hold your hands over the jar. Say:

Great Mother of the Waters, goddess
of the rivers, oceans, and seas, I call
upon your generosity and your lavish
abundance now. I ask that you fill this
water with your gifts of nourishment
and infinite flow. Thank you.

Seal the Mason jar securely with the lid and turn it upside down to serve as a homemade ocean globe. Place it near your workspace or in the wealth sector of your home (that’s the rearleft corner of your home while standing at your front door, facing inward). Say:

I now align with the vibration of
increase, and call it into my life. I
am in the flow of divine blessings,
and my life is flooded with wealth.

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