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Wooden Spoon Enchantment

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Juniper

It may seem old school, but an essential element to kitchen witchery is the wooden spoon. It was a familiar sight in both my mother’s and my grandmother’s kitchens— for good reason. A wooden spoon can take on flavors as well as enhance what it stirs, and it reacts better with acids than metals or plastics do, which is why it is the stirring spoon for our family tomato sauce.

Experiment with different woods to see how they feel to you, as each tree has its own energy to lend. Wooden spoons require a little more care than more modern utensils, but it’s worth it. Wash and dry your spoon immediately versus soaking it. You can also apply edible oil for protection (hemp, sesame, or flax are common suggestions) once a year to keep the spoon in good shape. Enchant your spoon:

Mortar and pestle, cauldron,
wooden spoon,
Magic stirred under the
light of the moon.
Blessed gift of tree, keep
strong, smooth, and light,
May all the brews you touch
be true and right.

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