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Protect Your Sleep

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Lily

To cope with stress, we need to protect our sleep. Getting regular, good-quality sleep improves our mood, sharpens the mind, boosts memory, lowers blood pressure, steadies blood sugar levels, and fights germs. Sleep is crucial in healing physical injury and rebuilding muscle tissue.

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary devoted to sleep. Banish all screens and phones from your room. Make your bed with pretty linens and blankets, lightly scent your pillows and sheets, and create a haven of relaxation. Regularly cast this protection spell:

This bed is for my peaceful sleep, my
ease promoted by scented sheets.
This pillow is to rest my head, I
sleep and dream and heal in bed.
This blanket keeps me safe and warm,
protected from worry, fear, and harm.
This room is my sacred space, I
rest and renew in this place.
I call protection around
my sleep. Blessed be.

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