The Wild Hunt Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

The Wild Hunt is the Wild Huntsman (the God) and his cavalcade of horsemen who ride across the sky on windy autumn nights. They come from the Otherside to gather the souls of the recently departed. The lesson they teach is about change and transition. Call for their help when you’re afraid to make a change. You’ll need your wish written on plain white paper and one red apple. On a windswept night, hide your wish outside and place the apple on the paper. The apple is your gift to the Huntsmen. As you hide your wish, say:

The riders of the Wild Hunt
ride untamed
Upon night stallions with
flowing manes.
I ask, bring me the change I seek,
Only to you I reveal the secret I keep.

Tell no one about your wish. The next day, if your wish and apple are still there, hide the paper until your change occurs and compost the apple If they’re gone, your wish is already working in the Unseen Realm.

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