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Sigil Bell Spell

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Ivy

Bells are often used in witchcraft to call forth blessings, to bring a change, or to call spirits. Bells are even more powerful when they’re charged with a sigil. This historical practice has roots in witchcraft. This spell requires a bell, paper, and a marker (fine-tipped if possible).

Ring the bell and determine your intention for the bell. Speak your intention out loud with confidence, and write it down on the paper. Next, write down seven words associated with the intention. Draw symbols for each word. Combine the symbols to form a sigil.

When your sigil is done, hold the bell, close your eyes, and really feel your intention. Envision your sigil floating before you, then see it catch fire and sustain the flame.

With the marker, draw the sigil on the inside of the bell. Imagine the flame touching this sigil too.

Ring the bell, and as the sound travels, envision that the sigil’s meaning is being carried forth. Ring the bell nine more times to complete the spell.

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