Goddesses of Light

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Mulberry

Lucina was an early Italian goddess of light who merged with Juno and Diana to bring us the light that overcomes the dark. In the fourth century, Lucina was renamed as St. Lucy, a Sicilian girl who vowed to distribute her family’s wealth to the poor. Somehow Lucy and her sacred light were carried to Scandinavia, where the winter nights seem endless. For her feast, little girls wear garlands and everyone carries Lucy candles. Let us celebrate Lucina and Lucy.

Cast your full moon circle and light silver candles. ( The moon was full late last night.) Breathe the light of the full moon and the candles into your heart and then be silent. See and feel the full moon’s light coming closer and bringing the lunar magic into your heart and hands. When you’re ready, invoke the full moon:

Under the full moon’s light
And with clearest sight,
I see and love
With understanding,
Without illusions,
With an open heart.
I love and honor
The people in my life,
The work I do,
My blessed life.

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