Smoke Gazing

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

As we head into the new year, let’s do some smoke divination with copal. Copal’s aroma can quickly put you in a trancelike state, and for that reason it’s revered by visionaries, shamans, and energy healers. This food of the gods in several venerable cultures should be used in a very wellventilated area or outdoors. Once lit, copal produces copious amounts of smoke, and it will relax your senses. Let’s look into copal smoke’s shape formations to see what’s revealed.

To begin the ritual, light an incense charcoal and put it in a sturdy shell or on a fireproof plate. Put a small copal nugget on the white-hot charcoal. Invoke the Corn Mothers as you wave a whole maize in the copal smoke. Say:

Maize, I ask you respectfully to
open the way. Reveal to me all that
I need to see to ensure success and
abundance in the coming year.

Place the maize next to the smoldering copal and gaze deeply into the smoke. Let the aroma permeate your thoughts. Reflect on the smoke signals and notice shapes that appear. Seek out messages in the signs, symbols, and shapes created by the smoke, inspired by the aroma. When done, extinguish the incense.

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