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Full Moon Family Blessing

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Violet

The Full Moon in the watery, intuitive, emotional, and nurturing sign of Cancer tonight is an ideal time to heal and strengthen family bonds, with both those who are family by birth and those who are chosen family. For this spell you will need a bowl of water and slips of paper to write down the names of those in your family you wish to bless using a pen. Then, under the Full Moon, place the name papers into the water and say:

Cancer Moon, as you do shine,
Bless those who are family of mine.
Heart to heart, our bonds are strong,
A seat of blessing to all who belong.
Be they through blood or
be they through feeling,
I bless us all through the
Moon’s power of healing.

Leave the bowl of water under the Moon until morning. The words of ink should have dissolved. Remove and dispose of the papers, and pour the water at the roots of a nearby tree.

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