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The Prismatic Crystal Shield

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

A fast yet surprisingly powerful means of magical protection is to form an energetic crystal shield. This is very similar to other methods of creating a shield, such as the mirrored shield, but the effects are quite different.

To form the crystal shield, close your eyes and envision being surrounded by a brilliant white light. Concentrate on it condensing around you to form a crystalline egg of power that will act as a magical prismatic filter. In other words, any harmful energy that is sent your way will be drawn through the crystal prism (as opposed to being repelled) and its power will be transformed from a single (and harmful) intention into a rainbow of constructive energy that you can utilize to your own benefit. In this way, you are not only preventing harm, but also transforming the energy to serve the greater good—a powerful piece of magical recycling.

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