Spell to Wipe Away Debt

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

The bills are in and repayment on those Christmas and New Year festivities may have taken a toll on your bank account. It’s time to put some action into your finances. If you have debts, especially credit card bills and loans, then do a manifestation spell to consciously wipe them away using this snowball practice. This spell involves paying off the smallest debt first, then snowballing that money and carrying it on to the next bill until you are completely debt-free.

Write down your debts on a piece of white paper, and look at them and acknowledge them. Don’t be frightened; instead, accept them. Then safely light a green candle and imagine a snowball wiping away those debts, starting with the smallest one, until it wipes them all clean whilst gathering momentum and growing larger.

To manifest a debt-free life, think of how you will feel when you’ve paid everything off and then, while holding the paper in your left hand, say:

Snowball, snowball, rolling bright,
Debts disappear with all my might.

Blow out the candle, and keep the paper in a special place where you can see it every day to acknowledge it but not where everyone can see it.

Make a conscious effort to pay the debts off. Contact the credit card, loan, or debt company to arrange a repayment plan and ask for them to lower your interest rate. Actively pursue clearing those debts. Show the universe how capable you are, and keep imagining that snowball wiping away all those debts

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