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Kitchen Witch Intentions

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

There is no need to buy special ingredients to work magic, cast spells, or change consciousness at will. Just reach for these magical kitchen basics.

Whether you’re cooking, baking, or stewing, adding common ingredients with strong scents can increase magical energy. Today, as you prepare food for yourself or another, set an intention of what you want to convey, instill, or magnify, then use an herb, fruit, or spice to fix the intention in the food, inviting the energy into yourself, your food, and your kitchen.

To invite love, protection, and feelings of belonging, use cinnamon. Need comfort, quieting, and soothing? Try chamomile. For energy, memory, and attention, choose coffee. Want a calm, mindful focus? Choose lavender. To promote clearing, cleaning, and uplifting, use lemon. You can add clarity and inspiration with mint, promote abundance, success, and enlightenment with orange, and nurture a sense of wellbeing with vanilla.

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