Spell for a New True Friend

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Rose

With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Libra today, this is the perfect time to cast a spell for friendship. When I was a child, we would wear friendship bracelets as a sign of our bond. In this spell you will be braiding three different colored pieces of yarn of your choice to make a bracelet. One yarn represents you, another represents your future friend you are summoning, and the third represents the friendship. Braid the pieces together while reciting and focusing on the intent of these words:

I draw a friendship near to me,
One that’s built on sincerity.
A friend who cares, a friend who shares,
A friend who always treats me fair.
A friendship that isn’t superficial,
One that is mutually beneficial.
A friend with motives that are pure,
A solid friendship that will endure.

Tie the braided friendship bracelet comfortably on your left ankle until it comes off on its own. Be open to meeting new people.

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