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Watering Can Spell for Emotional Growth

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

The element of water is often associated with the emotions, always swelling then receding, coming in storms or a gentle nourishing rain, much like our feelings. Water is also essential to the growth of all living things. This spell combines water and plants to steadily encourage emotional expression and healing.

* A watering can
* Water to fill the can
* 1 seed of any kind to symbolize growth
* 1 small stone to create stability
* Potted plant(s) or an outdoor space where plants grow

Put the stone and the seed in the watering can. As you fill the can with water, recite:

Water helps emotions flow, seeds
make healthy feelings grow.
A stone to bring stability, while
nurturing my heart and soul.

Water your plants with the watering can and repeat as needed. As your plants grow steadily and flourish, your ability to express emotion will mature and gain stability

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