Aurora Borealis Enchantment

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

The aurora borealis is named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn, and Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind. Also known as the northern lights, the aurora borealis is the result of particles colliding with atoms high in the atmosphere. There are many wondrous names for the northern lights, from the Dance of Spirits to the Charge of the Equinoxes, and strangely enough, they do seem to appear around the time of the equinoxes, especially in the spring. They are also connected to geomagnetic storms set off by the sun.

To see the aurora borealis is a rare opportunity and is said to bring luck. Channel the Dance of Spirits into your magic by creating an enchantment on something you love. It could be anything you wear every day, such as shoes. Gather a picture of the aurora borealis, a green or blue candle, and a favourite pair of shoes. Put the shoes on and safely light the candle. As you hold the picture of the aurora borealis, imagine the magic and luck from the swirling colours going into your shoes. Recite this spell over the shoes you’re wearing:

Blessed shoes upon my feet,
Bring me luck with those I meet.
Chances are rare and hard to find,
Opportunities now become mine.

Then blow out the candle and imagine the rising smoke as colours from the aurora borealis bringing luck and opportunities to you every time you meet someone whilst wearing the shoes.

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