Honoring the Spirit of Place

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Everywhere you go, whether a building, field, or forest, there is a spirit of place. Honoring this spirit is important, especially if you intend to do magic there. This ritual is a way to connect to the spirit of a place by showing respect, which in turn will create a better atmosphere for your workings.

To honor the spirit of place, you can offer a gift. It must be something of personal value to show that you’re authentic in your wish to connect. Only you know what this might be: a special crystal, a meaningful herb, a pretty feather, or something completely personal.

Sit in the space you wish to connect to and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds, feel the air on your skin, breathe in the smells. You might sense a presence. When you reach this state, say:

With this gift I offer respect to
the spirit of this place. May we
exist together in harmony.

If you’re outdoors, place the gift on the ground. Inside, find a corner or shelf space that feels right. Now when you do your magical workings, you’ll have the spirit of place on your side.

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