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A Daffodil Love Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac

Ruled by Venus, daffodils are spring’s flowers of love. During the days of the old-time herbalists, daffodils were sometimes used in love spells. They were frequently placed on the altar during the casting of a love spell.

For this spell you’ll need two daffodils with their stems intact. You’ll also need one pink and one light blue ribbon. As you think of your spell’s intent, but without thinking of anyone specific, tie the daffodil stems together using both ribbons. As you tie them, say:

With a ribbon of pink
and a ribbon of blue,
I bind these flowers of love together,
To bring me a love special and true.

Place the daffodils in a small vase of water and set it on your altar. Wait for love to come to you. After the daffodils fade, respectfully place them in a compost pile or lay them on the ground in a wooded area.

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