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Charged Nail Polish

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

Vibrant shades of nail polish are an excellent means of utilizing color magic, and the portable nature of polish makes it easy and practical to use. Consult a list of color correspondences for help in choosing just the right shade to match your intention. Some examples include pink or red for love, white or black for protection, yellow or orange for communication, and green for growth, health, or prosperity.

Once you’ve chosen a shade of nail polish, light a candle of the same color and hold the bottle of polish in your hands while envisioning that it is infused with a radiant light of the same hue. To seal the charge, say:

Liquid color empowered with light, a
magical medium you shall now be.
When painted on nails, release your
might; magic unleashed for all to see.

Extinguish the candle, and the nail polish is ready to use.

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