Blessing Upon an Annoying Task

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

Whether we are heading to work (it is Monday, after all) or have a really frustrating chore that must be done, most of us have tasks or projects that we are less than enthusiastic to complete. When faced with such situations, I like to use a little blessing magic to help smooth out the unpleasantness and speed up the process of completing the task at hand.

For this blessing, when possible, take a minute to close your eyes and envision yourself happily completing the work with ease, speed, and efficiency. Imagine everything falling perfectly into place, and the dread and annoyance fading away and being replaced by satisfaction. When the feeling is strong, open your eyes and say:

With a fresh new perspective,
I greet this task.
In magical advantage, I now bask.
Completed with ease, efficient and fun,
No longer a chore, the battle is won.

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