Tree Breath Communication

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Violet

Today is Arbor Day. This is one of my favorite holidays, as it celebrates our tree siblings. Try to spend at least part of the day out among the trees, whether in your own yard, a city park, or forest bathing on conservation land.

We know that we share breath with the trees. They breathe out the oxygen we need to inhale, and we exhale the carbon dioxide that the trees breathe in. Our relationship with the trees is truly vital to life on this planet. It’s a delightful symbiosis. However, we know that energetically we can be energized by sharing energy exchange with trees, and we can spiritually share breath with them as well.

Today, during your time among the trees, stand with your back against a tree and close your eyes. Visualize yourself breathing with the tree and sharing breath as your energetic fields merge and mingle. Enjoy the connection with these wise and life-sustaining beings, the trees. When finished, thank your new friend for the shared connection. Happy Arbor Day!

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