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Petals of Purpose

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

Rose petals have the ability to bless a path with love and light. Sprinkling them on someone’s route or leading a person to you with a path of petals is a truly romantic and emotive way to let flowers guide our hearts to deep levels of trust and discovery. If you feel so inclined today, gather some rose petals and leave a trail for someone you love, to guide them on a path of purpose and hope. The trail can end at their car or mailbox or anyplace where you leave a sweet treat or loving note.

Making someone feel loved and cared for is as simple as blessing their path with intentional care. Romantic gestures aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, and roses are more than an apology flower. If you care deeply for someone, take the time to share the power of this original flower of love and bless the path you are on together. Shatter every cliché and scatter flowers to discover how much magick is to be found in shared moments of loving tenderness. Uplifting the ones we love begins with blessing them.

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