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Mother's Day Gratitude Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Juniper

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes; they are not just the women who gave birth to us. Instead, mothers can be friends, sisters, lovers, and those who have raised us and looked after us in our darkest moments. The greatest mother of all is, of course, our beautiful Earth, and although we haven’t been the most responsible of her children, we do still care for her.

On this Mother’s Day, show your gratitude to our wonderful Mother Earth. Go outside and stand barefoot on the grass, then stretch and raise your hands to the sky. Now turn your hands palms down and slowly crouch down upon the ground with your palms touching the earth. Then recite this gratitude spell:
Thank you, Mother Earth,
for your gifts.
Thank you for the summer rain.
Thank you for the winter sun.
Thank you for easing
spring chills and pain.

Thank you for the autumn
colours that stun.
I am grateful and I am
blessed in every way.
Thank you to all on this Mother’s Day.

Show your appreciation of the earth by doing something beneficial for her, such as watering the garden, picking up plastic from the beach, or picking up litter from the countryside or forest. You could invite friends and family to appreciate Mother Earth by starting a tradition of having a Mother’s Day
picnic followed by planting a tree, picking up litter, or engaging in a garden activity.

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