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Ginger Love Spell

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Frankincense

Spicy ginger is associated with fire and passion. It’s considered a hot, quick-acting magical herb, known to speed things up and bring pizzazz to any spell. This working is designed to reignite the spark in a relationship after a dull period. Materials:

 A 1-inch square piece of paper and a pen

 A piece of fresh ginger root, about the size of your thumb

 A knife

 1 foot of red thread

Write the names of you and your partner on the paper and fold it up as tiny as possible. Using the knife, create a slit in the ginger root without cutting it completely in half. Shove the paper into the slit you have made, then wind the red thread around it several times. Tie a knot in the thread. As the liquid of the ginger root permeates the names, infusing them with spicy juices, the fire will also return to your relationship. Keep this love charm in a safe place until the ginger dries out, disposing of it afterward.

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